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Kondinin Group Head Office Wellington Street, Perth WA 6000 PO Box 78, Leederville WA 6902 Phone: (08) 6263 9100 Fax: (08) 6263 9177 Email: ABN: 72 133 413 920The Learn About Wool resources provide the ideal opportunity for students to investigate the Year 4 Science curriculum. Students can explore the resources listed at the side this page to help them better understand the lifecycle of sheep and the factors that affect and impact on the wellbeing of sheep in kondinin group workboot series

The Workboot Series. BEEF. Beth Field. Written by Kim Field Illustrated by Rod Waller Published by the Kondinin Group. 1

The popular Workshop Series are practical guides for the farm and workshop. Find easytofollow instructions for any workshoprelated task and comprehensive specifications for tools and equipment to help you get the job done. The Kondinin Group Bookstore includes the popular Workshop Series practical guides for the farm and workshop, Fencing Fundamentals, Feild Crop Herbicide Guide, The Welding Book, The Workboot Series and the Workboot Series Resource Kits for primary to high school classrooms. Farmer of the Year Awards tickets can be purchased in the Kondinin Group Bookstore and will be available closer to thekondinin group workboot series Workboot Series The Workboot Series is a collection of innovative educational books which provide exciting insights into Australias agricultural enterprises. With the help of amazing facts, delightful cartoons and colourful photographs, readers of all ages can

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(ACELT1604) Workboot Series Kondinin Group Create literary texts that explore students own experiences and imagining (ACELT1607) Understand, interpret and experiment with a range of devices and deliberate word play in poetry and other literary texts, for example nonsense words, spoonerisms, neologisms and puns (ACELT1606) Mathematics kondinin group workboot series The Workboot Series: Wheat: The Story of Wheat on Australian Farms. Fiona Hamilton Kondinin Groups range of technical and practical manuals for primary producers cover a diverse range of topics from grain storage, farm machinery and equipment, spraying solutions, stockyard design and more, these unique publications are farmerfriendly and available now. The Kondinin Group has a national database of schools, which is used to distribute THE WORKBOOT SERIES products. The Group has an efficient distribution facility as all publications are marketed from the group nationally and internationally, as well as being distributed through retail outlets across the country.

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