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2020-02-22 03:37

Therefore the X series boat line has emerged. Knowing that hunters and fisherman run in areas where they will have to cross logs stumps and bottoms which can damage the bottom of most light duty hulls and because of its commitment to quality ProDrive constructs all of its boats with 5086 grade aluminum which is 18 inch thick.Made to order in Michigan with high quality material and craftsmanship. 3198 S Dye Rd Flint, Michigan, USA, USA [email protected] com x series boats

As the leading manufacturer of luxury yacht tenders, innovation is apparent in every model of our comprehensive line of boats. Our inhouse engineers, equipped with the most advanced hardware and software applications, continue to introduce new models based on the needs of our direct clientele.

The SunCatcher X Series advances onwater recreation with elegant style and an impressive selection of two and three log pontoon models with highend amenities. Comfort is provided with softtouch vinyl, used with plush loungers and highback recliners. At the request of duck hunters that hunt in flooded timber where getting in and out of the boat can be a challenge for dog or man, ProDrive has added the new TD Edition (Timber Deck) Series to their line up. It features a 16' rear step deck to assist the hunters and their dogs when entering and existing the boat. The TD Edition, like all ProDrive Boat Models are custom built outx series boats The XSeries is the new flagship model of Boat Right Marine. The XSeries design is the result of over 25 years of testing and listening to our customers. It is the driest and smoothest riding Boat Right Custom Boat.

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And the combination of a. 250 whitewater bottom and 8 deadrise at the transom make this a formidable jet boat. But the X Series isnt just a superb shallowwater performer. Its equally adept at pulling skiers, crabbing, hunting, or parking at a remote river bank. Your knuckles will appreciate that. x series boats Our ultra low draft Micro X aluminum boat with standing tillersteer design is ideal for shallow water swamps, bayous, creeks, rivers, lakes and bays. Available in 13 and 14foot configurations with tiller steering and a standing grab handle with built in seat. Reach the shallowest waters in a fullfeatured aluminum boat. The X Series is where refinement and sophistication meet performance and power. When you get into an X Series boat youre getting the best of the best, regardless of size category. Every one is sport tuned, fully automated, highly customizable and optioned to the max. Find Prodrive boats for sale near you, including boat prices, photos, and more. Locate Prodrive boat dealers and find your boat at Boat Trader! Escape the everyday with the Lowe Retreat 250 RFL! This deluxe pontoon features everything you could wish for in an onwater oasis: Plush rearfacing lounge seating with armrests at the stern provide uninterrupted views.

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