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Ported and Polished 3800 Supercharged (L67 and L32) Lower Intake 149. 99 L36 3800 Series II Nonsupercharged Engine 349. 99 L26 3800 Series III Nonsupercharged Engine 399. 99Oct 23, 2010 Is there a typical mileage range that the GM 3800 series II intake failure happens? I am asking because my inlaws are looking at used cars and there are a lot of these engines out there. On a related note, I see a lot of GM 3800 series II equipped cars on Ebay and Craigslist with trashed engines most likely due to this problem. series 2 3800 specs

3800 PCM Operation. The 3800 computer has several Modes of operation: STARTING MODE When the ignition is turned ON the PCM energizes the fuel pump relay for two seconds, allowing the fuel pump to build up pressure. The PCM then checks the Engine Coolant temperature (ECT) sensor and the Throttle Position (TP) sensor.

The 3800 Series II engine is a very reliable, efficient, smooth, durable and reliable engine as pushrods go. The alternator issues with the old 3. 8L GM engines is no longer case. Now it seems the May 12, 2009  The GM 3800 Series II engine, introduced in 1995, is quite a different engine from its predecessor, the Series I engine. While the stroke for the 3. 8L engine remained at 3. 4 (86 mm), and the bore remained at 3. 8 (97 mm), the engine architecture changed dramatically.series 2 3800 specs The vehicles covered by the GM engine recall were outfitted with the 3800 Series II design, manufactured between 1995 and 2004. They were identified in two phases. A 2008 recall of 207, 000

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Horsepower and Torque. The 3800 Series III engine, found in the Grand Prix, offered 200 horsepower for the sporty sedan base model. The supercharged 3800 Series III, found in the Grand Prix GT or GTP (depending on model year), unleashed 260 horsepower. The 3800 and 3800 SC Supercharged engines offered 230 footpounds of torque at 4, 000 RPM series 2 3800 specs Jul 23, 2013 An essentially stock 3800 SC Series III has about 260 HP. If you add a VS cam, Northstar TV, 3. 4 pulley, and an intercooler, it will dyno somewhere around 300 HP and 300 ft lbs of torque at the wheels using a Getrag 282 transmission. Jun 17, 2012 The L26 is the Series III version of the 3800. It is still a 3. 8 L (231 cu in) design. Compression remains at 9. 4: 1 as with previous L36's, but the aluminum upper intake (2004) and stronger connecting rods (2005) are the primary physical changes. Jan 01, 2005 A 3800 Series II L67 Supercharged engine in a 1998 Buick Regal GS. The L67 is the supercharged version of the Series II L36 and appeared in 1996, one year after the normallyaspirated version. It uses the Eaton Generation 3 M90 supercharger with a 3. 8 pulley, a different throttle body, fuel injectors, cylinder heads, and lower intake manifold than the L36 uses. Everything you need for your 3800Wbody powered vehicle. L67, L32, L36

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