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2020-02-21 07:15

EMC Data Domain DD4500 Array. The EMC DD 4500 Data Domain deduplication storage system makes a costeffective alternative to tape by reducing the amount of storage necessary for protecting backup and archive data by an average of 1030 times.Data Domain. Data Domain Archive; Data Domain Backup; Data Domain Boost; Data Domain BoostFS; Data Domain Virtual Edition; Data Domain Cloud Tier; Data Domain Hardware; DDBEA; NetWorker. NetWorker 9. 2 and Maintenance Release; NetWorker 9. 1 and Maintenance Release; NetWorker; NetWorker 9. 0; NetWorker 8. 2 and Service Packs; ProtectPoint data domain iseries support

Nov 27, 2013 Data Domain connectivity to IBM iSeries (AS400) as NFS mount We are attempting to use a DD530 as a means of writing iSeries save files to it mounted as an NFS. I am able to successfully mount the NFS on the iSeries but I have been unsuccessful in being able to perform any operation to the mount from the iSeries.

Data Domain systems support simultaneous data access methods through VTL over Fibre Channel, remote NDMP access over Ethernet for network attached storage (NAS), NFS and CIFS file service protocols over Ethernet, and EMC Data Domain Boost. This deployment flexibility and simple administration means users can rapidly Jan 25, 2011 IBM i servers can now support many of the capabilities that Data Domain storage devices can offer, including continuous diskbased backup, inline data deduplication, encryption, and offsite data replication domain iseries support During normal operations where the Tivoli Storage Library Manager, and the operating system have not experienced any problems the paths to the Data Domain VTL are being marked offline because of errors.

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Data Domain system is FC SAN connected to IBM i server IBM i BRMS backup application sees the Data Domain VTL and sends backup data as if it were a physical tape library Deduplicated data at primary site can be replicated to a DR site Data in flight can optionally be encrypted Disaster Recovery site SAN data domain iseries support Protection Suite Family with Data Domain. Since Data Domain can simultaneously support multiple access methods including NFS, CIFS, VTL, NDMP TMand Data Domain Boostall applications and utilities can be supported in the same Data Domain system at the Dell Data Domain This solution is a good way to consolidate archiving, backup, and data recovery into one system. Its inline deduplication is useful for creating a large number of backups over a shorter time span, making backup windows less pressing. EMC doesn't support Data Domain on AS400iSeriesi5 systems. What they do support is EMC from 8xxx series up. Cost of the newest 8xxx series is 10 times more than Data Domain by EMC. If your company can spend around 150k you will have great solution for your servers, AS400 included. If not, I

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