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2020-02-24 03:31

Ray Samuels Audio is proud to announce its latest state of the art component: The Emmeline II, B52 fully balanced Headphone amplifier and full functioning preamplifier. It has been a long time since we have displayed the prototype B52 in its silver nonanodized chassis at the 1st annual HeadFiAug 11, 2010 Super small portable headphone amplifier with great sound, just like all Ray Samuels amplifier. Digital volume control and no caps used in the design produces very accurate sound and instrument separation. ray samuels the shadow portable headphone amp

Nov 01, 2017 Was looking at a portable amplifier recently and heard some good things about RSA, as well as the fact that they seem to be uite highly regarded in certain corners of the net. the net. However, the actual website seems a tad dodgy (last official update seems to be from 2015, description of the shadow for instance seems to be more marketing

Jun 20, 2012  Ray Samuels Ultra Portable Headphone Amp The Shadow It can be tough to pair In Ear Monitors with a good amp.  Their high sensitivity can be both a blessing and a burden.  On the plus side, they tend to sound pretty good when driven directly from your choice of digital player. Emmeline, The Shadow, a portable amp with digital volume control. The Shadow will come with an adaptor, 5 volts 1 amp. The end plug of the adaptor is a mini USB. Please keep in mind that the Shadow has no DAC in it, it is designed with this connector so you can charge your Shadow with your desk top orray samuels the shadow portable headphone amp Jun 23, 2012 This is a review of Ray Samuel's Emmeline Shadow ultra portable headphone amplifier. See the full review at www. AudioHead. com

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Emmeline The Tomahawk Portable Headphone Amp. Due to the thin skin walls of the extrusion, we had to hire one of the ONLY five extrusion providers in the US who would have the capability to manufacture this kind of extrusion. The thinner the skin is, more is required of the press machines to do the job. The knob is also a custom built to match the size of the amp. ray samuels the shadow portable headphone amp The Dark Star Headphone Amp. This is the headphone Amp that can KICK the butt of the hard to drive headphones like the HE6s. The custom, Plitron Toroidal, transformer is designed to output 80 volts at 6 amps of current to satisfy the 4 buffers that each is capable to deliver up to 9 amps of current. The Dark Star is truly a monster headphone amp. F35, The Lightning balanced portable Amp. F35, The Lightning, The Smallest, Fully balanced, Input To Output Portable Headphone Amp In The World. The F35 comes with ONLY balanced output connector. It has no 3. 5 mm SE output. NEVER EVER short the balanced output pins to create a single ended output. Dec 27, 2018  RSA Emmeline The Shadow Portable Headphone Amp The infamous Ray Samuel's most compact headphone amp ever todate. Highly lauded maker and amp alike, check out any audiophile review, the praise is as overwhelming as is the amount of data; headFi, headfonia, and every publication in between.

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