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Jan 07, 2012 Mckenzie 6900 semisneak or Ben mears semisneak Discussion in 'Deer I can say with certainty that the Mears line had no bearing on the creation of the 6900 series. Jan 7, 2012# 17. backstapwillie 2011 Montana Bow kill. 587 0. Your First Deer Mount (pics) kythunter replied Sep 23, 2019 at 9: 11 AM.Nov 09, 2013 He had 3 inches of neck swell is what the taxidermy told me. My last buck was mounted on a mckenzie 6900 series which im tryin desperately not to repeat. Not that I hate it, I just dont want 2 of the exact same mounts as this will be my 2nd shoulder mount. Anypost away with your opinions! If you havent seen the deer here are some photos! 6900 series deer mount

Nov 07, 2012  Deer Mounts Deer Taxidermy Display Options and the design of your deer mount. Whitetail Deer Mannikins are sculpted by anatomical artists to include all of the deer

53 rows The 6900 Series by Dennis Behn offers that majestic Big Buck look! The ear butts have been redesigned to better accept the McKenzie Ears by Brad Eppley. The muscled neck gives a swelled look to the mount even for smaller neck sizes. Nov 20, 2014 What's your Favorite Whitetail Taxidermy Form? Discussion in 'Bowhunting Talk' started by Skywalker, Nov 17, 2014. Pedestal mount? I think the McKenzie 6900 Semisneak is a great form. I had last years buck mounted on this form and it looks awesome. I've seen a few on these forms and they looked really good if it's a big body deer.6900 series deer mount Right Turn Semi Sneak Jody Green's Prodigy Series of semi sneak, right turn Whitetail offset shoulder mannikins have won rave reviews from master taxidermists who have had the opportunity to mount

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Jan 25, 2012 This is my first time using the 6900 series and I really like this form. This is only my 18th deer mount and for me it mounted up easy. Just mounted it up last night so it still wet. 6900 series deer mount Nov 14, 2013  I killed this deer and it is going to be hard for me to top this one so I want to be happy with the type of mount I get. I already have a great taxidermist, but any opinions on the form or Flexible Pedestal Backing. A question our technical staff receives frequently is how do you finish the back of a pedestal mount? We now have a new alternative. The new McKenzie Flexible Pedestal Backing Material sheets are offered in three different textures; barn wood, woodbark, and rock. Create a customer pleasing finished pedestal in just Dec 14, 2012 I said sure and a few months later my mount was done on its own unique form that he sculpted. Turns out this form was put on market this year and it has become one of the most popular forms out there. Its called the McKenzie 6900 series semi sneak. Jun 06, 2012 6900 mckenzie deer forms, 6900 series deer mount, 6900 series wall pedestal deer mount pics, mckenzie 6900, mckenzie 6900 pictures, mckenzie 6900 series, mckenzie 6900 series deer mount pictures, mckenzie 6900 series pedestal, mckenzie 6900 series pictures, mckenzie whitetail series, mounts using the 6900 form from mckenzies, pic of 6900 deer

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