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2020-02-17 06:47

The series is the latest example of a trend sweeping across the advertising landscape: original branded web series. Despite the brand name appearing in the creditsas well as an occasional swoosh on the actors clothingthere arent many explicit signs that suggest the series is a marketing effort.Nov 12, 2012 This is one of those rare, good examples of branded episodic Web video. For starters, the episodes themselves are short: under five minutes. Secondly, viewers actually learn stuff. branded web series examples

What the jury was saying was, Listen, it is branded, we can see its branded, its content, but the entertainment side of it is not stacking up in the way in should. Its quite a big statement for juries to do that, so when it happened for the second time, it became obvious

Jun 05, 2011  Clevelands methods are specific to his approach, but theres a core element that carries through across all branded productions. For example, Scotty Iseri (of Scotty Got An Office Job fame) produced the holidaythemed web series Merry Holidays for help desk startup Zendesk. Here are six other recent branded web series getting it right: Dennys Always Open In an effort to move past bluehaired, early bird specials image and reach the 1834 demographic, Dennys Always Open enlists comedian Dave Koechner (SNL, Anchorman) to chat up other big name stars (think Sarah Silverman, Jason Bateman) while digging into some of Dennys specialty dishes in an iconic Dennysbranded web series examples Jun 15, 2013  However, marketers can and should follow several best practices when building out branded web series. Take marquee examples like IKEA's Easy to Assemble, IntelToshiba's The Beauty Inside, Ford's Escape my Life, Target's Falling for You,

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According to AdAge, branded web series became more than a halfbillion dollar business last year, giving away that it has a promising future in 2011 and beyond. Branded entertainment is not so branded web series examples Web series networks Examples include Blip. tv distribution, Koldcast. tv, Web Series Network, Web Series Channel, and Web Series Today. YouTube and Facebook advertising, mixing in teasers in your This is where narrative is so important. In any video, the message you want to deliver has to be strong and needs to be tied to your business, but in a web series the message has to be woven through every video, not just one. Airbnbs new Guidebooks feature is a brilliant example of delivering business goals through a web series. Airbnb wants Keeping an audience engaged with a series for eight weeks is no joke. If you want them to keep coming back, its important to have other content like behindthescenes footage, outtakes, gag reels, or written materials, like a side story or a backstory for another character. From the 10th Annual Shorty Awards Best Branded Series This award honors the most creative and effective use of a branded content series, such as a digital web series or docuseries, by a brand

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