Hansen coupling series 3 st

2020-02-29 13:30

Eaton Hansen ST12 Straight Through Ball Lock Hydraulic Fitting, Socket with Steel Sleeve, 112 1112 NPTF Female, 112 Port Size, 112 Body. Eaton Hansen STseries is a straight through coupling that is designed for use where minimum pressure drop is required and valving is not needed.Hansens ST Series is a straightthrough coupling that is designed for use where minimum pressure drop is required and valving is not needed. These couplings hansen coupling series 3 st

Fits easily onto Hansen Easy Fit Pipe Fittings and True Fit Threaded Fittings Fast and easy to assemble and disconnect push the pipe onto the fitting and fasten with pipe clip Manufactured from UV Stabilised High Quality Glass Fibre Reinforced Nylon giving a weather, termite, fungi and bacterial resistance

Series 3ST, Fluid Couplings, Series ST, Straight Through. Series ST straight through couplings are designed for use where minimum pressure drop is required and valving is not needed. They are well suited for use on pressure wash, steam and carpet cleaning equipment, and many fluid transfer systems. Body sizes range from 18 to 2 . Features: Hansen Manufacturing Company, now a division of Eaton, was founded in 1915 by Fred Hansen. For over a hundred years, Hansen has been a leading manufacturer of quick connectdisconnect couplings. Today, Hansen Couplings are considered industry standard for quick connectdisconnect couplings.hansen coupling series 3 st Find details for Connectors Couplings. Couplings. Make the right connection with Eaton connectors. Eaton provides a variety of connectors to fit almost any industrial application with metric tube fittings, quick disconnect couplings and brass and steel adapters.

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Coupling Series Page Coupling Style Interchange Body Size Body Material Locking Mechanism Options MANUAL CONNECT PUSHTOCONNECT SAFETY COUPLING INDUSTRIAL INTERCHANGE ARO TRUFLATE CEJN 320RECTUS 25 HANSEN UNIQUE DESIGN 18 INCH 14 INCH 38 INCH 12 INCH 34 INCH ALUMINUM BRASS STEEL (Zincchromate Finish) STAINLESS STEEL PLASTIC (Acetal) hansen coupling series 3 st Applications. The ST Series are designed nonvalved couplings for use where maximum flowminimum pressure drop is required owe to their smooth, open bore. So it is ideal for use on highpressure water wash and steam washers, carpet cleaners and mold coolant lines and also many other nonvalved applications such as flood processing, Hansen ST couplings are specifically designed as straightthrough couplings without selfsealing valves. Their smooth, unrestricted bore permits full flow of liquids and gases. Alternative hose stem and threaded end connections give neat, compact installations with the minimum number of joints.

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