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Season four aired its season finale on December 13, 2009, to a recordbreaking audience of 2. 6 million viewers, making it the mostwatched original series episode ever on Showtime at that time. In April 2013, Showtime announced that season eight would be the final season of Dexter.Mar 05, 2018 All of a sudden, the past 24 hours have led to a spike in rumors surrounding whether or not a Dexter season 9 could be happening on Showtime. Why? It seems to be in part because of a poster that has come almost out of nowhere. showtime series dexter season 9

But Dexter lives by a strict code of honor that is both his saving grace and lifelong burden. Torn between his deadly compulsion and his desire for true happiness, Dexter is a man in profound conflict with the world and himself. Golden Globe winner Michael C. Hall stars in the hit SHOWTIME Original Series.

Oct 01, 2018  Dexter season 9 is not here yet and it has been five years since Showtime aired the eighth installments finale. Although this is a long time, fans are still not losing hope that it will Dexter is an American television drama that was broadcast on the premium cable channel Showtime from October 1, 2006 to September 22, 2013. A total of 96 episodes of Dexter were broadcast over eight seasons. The series is based on characters created by Jeff Lindsay for his Dexter series of series dexter season 9 Jul 31, 2012  Speaking to the Television Critics Association this week, Showtime president David Nevin (once again) hinted that televisions Dark Passenger could continue into season 9, even though the producers and now Michael C. Hall insist that Dexter will end in season 8, no matter what. Heres what Nevin has to say about Dexter season 9:

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'Dexter' fans started freaking out on March 6, when a rumor started swirling about a potential revival for the Showtime series. Sadly, star Michael C. Hall isn't interested. showtime series dexter season 9 Jan 17, 2016 Horror reported that TPTB has been severely considering a reboot option for Dexter series. Apparently, Season 9 would open with Rita Bennett (Julie Benz) still alive, and correct some of the mistakes that were made throughout Seasons 5 through 8. Dexter Season 9: Release Date Its actually been five years since Dexter Season 8 finale aired on Showtime. Dexter Season 8 was done and dusted within September of 2013 but fans havent given up hope on the series at all. There are many who feel Dexter will be back with a final Season, i. e 9. Jan 09, 2018  by Regina Avalos, January 9, 2018 Dexter fans should not lose hope! They may still see a ninth season of the Showtime series. That was made clear Apr 27, 2017  Yes, likely the show will return and there are several reasons for that. . . Dexter was a huge success for Showtime and generated an even so huge fanbase around the globe, that still discuss the series, buying the discs or some merchandise. I c

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