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This listing is for a beautiful G& L F100 Series II electric guitar with hardshell case. The neck is dated JAN 21st 1981 and the body dates DEC 24th 1980. The guitar was refinished about 10 years ago to a trans red by an auto body mechanic that is know locally forG& L Guitars was founded by Leo Fender& George Fullerton at the Historic location on Fender Ave. in Fullerton, CA. The McLaren family, and Johnny McLaren in particular have kept the great vibe of the place alive with much original equipment, great photos of Leo, Fender& G& L Employees, & Artists past& present adorning the walls. g&l f100 series ii

G& L F100 Series II. F100 Series II, Other Shape Guitar from G& L in the USA series. 2 user reviews. Find it in the classifieds starting at 749 avg used price: 979. Product presentation. User reviews. Price engine. Classified Ads. Forums Write a user review

This vintage G& L F100 Series II is a killer vintage guitar from the mind of Leo Fender. It is in excellent condition hardly any issues at all Maybe a ding or scuff here In 2003, G& L introduced the Tribute series to the US market as a more affordable alternative to the USA built products. Tribute G& L's were made in Korea by Cort Guitars using mostly foreignmade hardware, though some original parts were also used on select models. The pickups used are all originally made by G& L in Fullerton, California.g&l f100 series ii Guitars by Leo The G& L Guitars and Basses Tribute Page

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Jun 09, 2016 I have a 1980 G& L F100 series II in sunburst finish, a hardtail bridge, a rosewood or ebony fretboard (looks rosewood, feels more like ebony), and chrome control plateI've never seen another like it, and it's really amazing g&l f100 series ii Apr 15, 2009 Any one owned a G& L F100 Series II original? I've always wanted a strat or strat like and came across this for a decent price. Most advice I've got says if you want a strat get a strat but there are soooo many crappy ones out there and people want for a decent one, so. Jun 08, 2017  I have never been able to find the exact differences, but judging from the lower DCimpedance for the pups in my '80 F100 Series II compared to both my G200s, I guess the number of windings is less on the F100 buckers giving the more edge in G& L Model F100 Series II Finish Natural Categories Solid Body Year ealry 80's Made In United States Body Shape Double Cutaway Number of Strings 6 String A really cool 1981, G& L F100 Series II with the original Hard Shell Case. This was a Professional Guitar players guitar and has seen lots of shows around Iowa. It has player wear but was well cared for.

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