Lambretta series 1 brake light switch

2020-02-17 15:58

Scootopia made Lambretta series 3 LI aluminium finished light& horn switch for AC 6& 4 pole models. Be the first to write your review! Scootopia Lambretta Series 1 Brake Pedal Spring 3. 00. Add to cart. Scootopia Lambretta Rear Shock Nut& Washer Set (1 Pair) 2. 70.Series 1. Series 1. The Series one was the first to feature a chain drive. All subsequent Lambretta models adapted this principal. These models also began the feature of having handle bar or headset cast in alloy instead of the ealier model motorcycle type bars. Electrical parts Headlamp bezel, righthand light switch screws and cover lambretta series 1 brake light switch

Frame Brake pedal, frame tube cable circlip, Lambretta LI script on legshield, ring beneath steeringhead, threaded kickstart lever bush. Electrical parts Headlamp bezel, righthand light switch screws and cover. Engine Kickstart lever. Front fork Screws and pins, lower steeringhead bearing dust cap, wheel carriers. Chromed parts 150 LI

a. c& d. c models series 1 models extend wires Stop Switch (3 Hole) (1145a) For Series 1, 2 Series 3 battery models using 3 or 5 wires for the brake light switch (Can also be used in place of a 2 hole brake light switch) Excellent Quality.lambretta series 1 brake light switch lambretta series 1 Light Switch Job Lot Over 15 It. lambretta series 1 Job Lot. lambretta switch housing dont know which model, clearing stuff out of garage if any good to anyone. Very good condition lambretta series 1 Light, with the box Check out my other items!

Lambretta series 1 brake light switch free

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