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Apr 23, 2012  Matty Byloos and Carrie Seitzinger kicked off the Smalldoggies reading series (named after their press and magazine) a little over a year ago at a bar off of Hawthorne that boasted impossibly cheap pints of Ninkasi IPA. The bar closed and theyve moved it to the basement stage at Blue Monk, a venue that has historically shown solid support for the literary crowd in Portland.The Lost Chapters by Lindsay Allison Ruoff Editor Staff, Fiction, October 18th, 2011. The Lost Chapters. A man rewrites two of the lost chapters of his novel (originally published in 1961) on December 4, 1969 near Los Angeles. smalldoggies reading series

November 8th, 7: 309: 30pm Smalldoggies Reading Series @ Literary Arts (free) Smalldoggies Magazine and Reading Series will host Brian S. Ellis, Lidia Yuknaavitch and Rick Klaras @LiteraryArts. November 9th, 7pm Jennifer Worick @ Powells Cedar Hills (free)

Description: Smalldoggies Reading Series PDX is a regularly scheduled reading series held on the second Tuesday night of each month in SE Portland, Oregon. Started in September of 2009, Smalldoggies consistently features the work of 3 featured writers, including poetry, fiction and prose. Dec 09, 2010  Planting your own produce is very popular in Sacramento and growing, particularly among people who want fresh organic produce, cant afford the supermarket prices, find some farmers markets arent organic, and need to eat healthier foods and to fight childhood obesity.smalldoggies reading series reading series. pdx thursday dec 9 2010; Improve Your Organic Gardening Skills by Trying These Ideas; Learning The Secrets of Services. sby September 5, 2019 Real Estate. Things to Have in Mind When Adopting a Kitten. Cats have been domesticated for long. They are important to humans because they help keep small rodents and insects away.

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He is the editor and publisher of Smalldoggies Magazine, and cohosts (along with Carrie Seitzinger) the Smalldoggies Reading Series in Portland, OR, where he lives and works. He is currently working on his first novel. Learn more about him at mattybyloos. com. Permalink: Some of smalldoggies reading series Aug 24, 2011 Carrie Seitzinger, poet and cocurator of Smalldoggies Reading Series, is a destroyer of moths. 2. Reader Matthew Simmons writes his own caption after seeing a picture of himself writing his own caption, and then he explodes. 3. Posts about Spork written by Kevin Sampsell. What the heck is a Shelf Talker you ask? Its one of those pieces of cardstock paper you see on a bookstores shelf that tells you when an employee really loves a book and wants to draw attention to it. Feb 10, 2011  This month's installment of the Smalldoggies Reading Series (2nd Thursday of every month at Cafe Magnolia on 32nd off Hawthorne) starts at 8: 00 tonight. There's always a Nov 27, 2018 Stop by Sole Repair in Capitol Hill (1001 East Pike St. , solerepairshop. com) for the Off Hours reading series, featuring among others, former Rocket editor Charles Cross and Open Books coowner Christine Deavel. Doors open at 7: 30pm, which gives you plenty of time to order a specialty cocktail (always named after one of the readers) before the show starts at 8pm.

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