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Japan20 Yen Military Currency VF Condition Series 100. Shipped with USPS First Class Package. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. Shipping and handling. This item will ship to United States, but the seller has not specified shipping options.The B yen currency was in use in Okinawa until 1958 giving it the distinction of being the longest in use US military currency of the World War II era. Both B and A underprinted military currency yen notes bear the series number 100. All B underprint notes have block letters associated with printers. 1 yen through 100 twenty yen series 100 military currency

Military Currency: Ten Sen, Series 100! Issued Pursuant To Military Proclamation. Collectible Old Paper Money Military Currency Ten Sen

Military Currency Japanese Paper Money; Skip to page navigation. Filter (1) Japan 10& 20 Yen 1945 Series 100 Military Currency High Grade 2Notes. Please review pictures for overall condition. Currency Japan Philippines Emergency 1944 WWII Note 20 Twenty Pesos Circulated. 3. 99. Almost gone. Japanese military yen (Chinese and Japanese: , also in short), commonly abbreviated as JMY [citation needed, was the currency issued to the soldiers of the Imperial Japanese Army and the Imperial Japanese Navy as a salary [citation needed. The Imperial Japanese government first started issuing the military yen during the RussoJapanese War in 1904.twenty yen series 100 military currency Military Payment Certificates Currency for sale on Collectors Corner, The Collectibles Marketplace, where you can buy safely from the world's top Currency dealers.

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How much is a Ten yen military currency B series 100 worth? WWIIera military currency may be old, but it isn't worth very much. Every GI in the Pacific came home with a pocket full of bills. twenty yen series 100 military currency Aug 15, 2018 US Military Currency Japanese occupation. Discussion in 'Paper Money but they are series 100, say Military Currency across the top of the obverse side and Issued Pursuant to Military Proclamation along the reverse bottom. Specimens of Military Yen Currency Area A. Tucson, AZ: Monitor Offset Printing Company. Schwan, Fred (2002 The 20 yen coin () was a denomination of Japanese yen. These coins were minted in gold, and during their lifespan were the highest denomination of coin that circulated in the country. The first coins were minted in 1870 following the introduction of a decimal currency system. 1945 JAPAN 20 Yen Allied Military Currency Banknote edge trimmed a bit 8. 50. 1945 Japan 20 Yen Allied Military Currency Banknote edge trimmed a bit 1945 Japan 100 Yen Allied Military Currency Note Pick# 75 Paper Money Series 100. 12. 95 Buy It Now 27d 9h. AU 10 SEN JAPAN P# 63 AMC 1945 Series 100 B ALLIED Square paper note printed on both sides, 1 Yen. Obverse printed in black, blue and green. Text; ' MILITARY CURRENCY A A ONE YEN SERIES 100 '1' on top and bottom right and 'B' on top right and bottom left. On reverse is a design of leaves, printed in brown. Text; 'ISSUED PURSUANT TO MILITARY PROCLAMATION

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